Seek Speed Broken

Hi everyone,

The seek speed on a local parameter attached to a specific event is not working when setting the parameter value through coding (C# in Unity). We have added pitch modulation following the parameter in FMOD Studio and confirmed the seek speed set for the parameter does work when auditioning the event in the studio.

However, when setting the parameter value to 1.0 in code using setParameterByName, the value jumps immediately to 1.0, ignoring the seek speed. We have tested thoroughly and double-checked by printing the actual parameter value using getParameterByName.

We are currently working in Unity 2019.2.11f1. Is this a known bug?

Found the “bug” – you must wait for an event to be in PLAYING mode to set a parameter with seek speed on it or it will ignore the seek speed. It would be nice if the documentation mentioned this.

This is something we should explain in our documents, I have created a task to add this in an upcoming release.

Hi I have the same issue, what is Playing Mode and how can you set the event to playing mode?

‘Playing Mode’ is referring to the PLAYBACK_STATE of the event. If you set a parameter value on an event that is not playing (or before it starts playing) then the parameter change will not take seek speed into account.