Seek speed bug when migrating to 2.03.01


We’re updating Unreal Engine version in our project so I was asked to look into updating FMOD as well. Haven’t thoroughly tested everything yet but came across a potential “bug”.

In 2.02.17 I had a Distance (Normalized) parameter with an asymmetric ascensing seek speed of 0.5/s. This was for a projectile event where I wanted the sound to come towards the player fast but fade out slower as it moved away from the player.


In 2.03.01 this did not function in the same way. The seek speed had been migrated and converted into a modulator correctly but it moved instantly and wasn’t obeying the seek speed values set in the modulator. I removed the seek speed from the parameter and found I couldn’t add it back in, or any modulator at all.


I’m guessing this is because you wouldn’t usually want non-instant seek speeds in a distance parameter. Apart from in edge cases like these. Or maybe its just in-built parameters that don’t allow modulators.

Is this something that could be added back in/fixed? In the meantime I might try using the distance parameter to automate a new parameter with a seek speed. Should work right?


Yes! This is actually a bug; you’re supposed to be able to apply seek modulators to built-in parameters. I’ll add this issue to our bug tracker to be fixed in an upcoming version of FMOD Studio.

Yep, that workaround should work just fine.