Separate banks increases latency FMOD Android?

I’m currently doing a mobile (Android) videogame and I suffer from latency problems. The audio starts later than the touch input or the vibration of the device. After researching, one of the things I have seen to increase performance is having various banks. I have only one bank for +40 sounds. The thing is, my game has only one scene and because of that, most if not all the banks will be loaded at the same time. Is it worth to have various banks in that case?
I have VO, footstep, ambient and puzzles. They are all in the same Scene.

If your banks sample data isn’t loaded when you try to play and Event, the data for that Event will get loaded at that point and it won’t be able to start until it has finished loading. Otherwise you can use EventDescription::loadSampleData to make sure specific Events are loaded in preparation for playing.

By having more, smaller banks you can control what is loaded at any specific time, this can also reduce your memory usage.

Using streaming assets can also introduce latency and is best used for Events that are not time sensitive.