How many events can I put in one bank?

Hi, I only use one event per bank.
I think I’m using the wrong work…
How many events are generally used in one bank?
I will create an app with Unity.


If you have two events that you’d want to play in similar circumstances (e.g.: they’re both only found in the same level of your game, or both are sounds that the player avatar can make at any time), you should put those events into the same bank; but if the circumstances in which you’d play two events are unrelated (e.g.: one is a sound the player avatar can make at any time and the other is unique to a specific level of your game), they should be put into two different banks.

This is because banks are designed to be loading units for sample data: You should load a bank when you think you might soon need to play events from that bank, and unload it when you are no longer likely to play those events. Separating your events into multiple banks reduces the amount of memory required to load any individual bank, but each bank adds a small amount of overhead, so separating our your events into multiple different banks will increase the total resources required to load those banks at the same time. As a result, putting events that need to be played in similar circumstances into the same bank minimizes the amount of resources your game needs to run.

thanks your answer.