Sequential playlist that doesn't loop back to the start?


What I’m trying to do is have a list of looping songs play in sequential order (e.g SongA, SongB, SongC), and then when it reaches SongC, have it only play SongC for the rest of the gameplay session each time the corresponding event is triggered (until the player reboots the game). I thought I might be able to do this via an event containing a multi instrument that’s set to Sequential Global (with the playlist set to not loop). However, when it reaches the bottom of the playlist, and the event is triggered, it loops back to the top playlist. Is there a way to do this?


If you are using a multi-instrument, you can set the individual playlist entries to loop a certain number of times. Select the playlist entry it will display it’s waveform to the right of the multi-instrument. Set the looping property on this waveform. If you set the multi-instrument to be async, loop infinitely, and set Song A and Song B to not loop but Song C to loop infinitely, it should give you the result you’re looking for.

Alternatively, you can set it up linearly. In an event have Song A, Song B, and Song C as single instruments playing one after another, then have a loop region around Song C.

Thanks, Richard. My understanding of how this will work is each time the event is triggered it will start with SongA and work its way down to SongC (if the event is kept active long enough). Then the next time the event is triggered, it will start with SongA again. Correct? If so, what I’m looking for is each time the event is triggered it advances to the next song. So 1st triggering, it plays SongA. 2nd triggering, it plays SongB. Then on the 3rd triggering and beyond, it always plays SongC. Can that be done?


Yes that can be done if you set the multi instrument to play in “Sequential - Global Scope” mode, if you are stopping and/or releasing the event instance.

Thanks, Richard. I’ve got it set up that way, but the playlist still loops around, even with the “Loop playlist” button deactivated. Does that button have no effect with Sequential playlists?

Attached is how I’ve set it up. I’m trying to have the title screen song play from the beginning when you first boot into the game, and then play from a random point in the song each time you return to the title screen thereafter.

This is a bug. The loop counter doesn’t work in nested Multi-Instruments. It’ll be nice when it gets fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks, Owen. Wasn’t sure if I missing something.