Setting Min&Max distance by preset


I´m working on one game project using Fmod 2.01, where Min&Max distance of the Spatializer is located in the Spatializer plug in, giving me the possibility to set the Min&Max value on preset level, which is very handy. Now, I´m working on another project useing Fmod 2.02, where Min&Max distance is located under Event Macros instead, and are not affected by the plugin preset.

It´s very handy to set the Min&Max value by preset, since this game uses the same values for most cases. Is there any way to do that in 2.02? What was the reason for moveing the settings?


Yes. To use the spatializer effect’s min & max distance properties instead of those of the event:

  1. Select the track containing the spatializer effect, so that the effect is displayed in the deck.
  2. Expand the spatializer effect’s distance override drawer by clicking on its disclosure triangle, if it isn’t expanded already.
  3. In the distance override drawer is a property called “override.” Set this property to “on.” This causes the spatializer effect to use its own min & max distance proeprties instead of the min & max distance properties of the event.
  4. With distance override on, the distance override drawer’s min & max distance controls will be unlocked and editable. You can use these controls to set the min & max distance to be used by that effect.

We added event-wide min & max distance to simplify editing those properties in events that contain multiple effects or parameters that have min & max distance. For example, it’s useful when an event contains multiple spatializer effects, or both a spatializer effect and a distance (normalized) parameter.

Thank you joseph! Helpful and clear answer, as always.