Setting random seed

It seems that the randomizer in FMOD Studio is producing the same results every time I play the game (or even test it out in Studio). Is there any way to seed it so that I get different results every time? I’m using the Unity integration, I don’t know if that changes anything.

Set the seed through the low level advanced settings structure before the system is initialized.

In the Unity Integration add this snippet at in FMOD_StudioSystem.Init() before it calls system.initialiaze()

long seed = global::System.DateTime.Now.ToBinary();
advancedsettings.randomSeed = ((uint)seed) ^ ((uint)(seed >> 32));
FMOD.System lowlevel;
ERRCHECK(system.getLowLevelSystem(out lowlevel));
ERRCHECK(lowlevel.setAdvancedSettings(ref advancedsettings));
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