Simulating Reversed Audio Effect

I’m currently working on a title that revolves around stealth and avoiding detection. I have an asset to be triggered when an enemy detects the player character. If the character then becomes hidden, a new asset which is the reverse of the previous is triggered. While reversing within FMOD is not currently possible (or so I’ve been told), would it be possible to mimic the effect of the audio reversing? In other words, as the “hidden” asset is triggered, can the “detected” asset previously triggered be set to smoothly transition in a way that sounds like a seamless reversal of the audio? Vertical approaches do not seem to work well, as even with an extremely high number of transition markers/regions mirroring each other between the two assets, the transition is not smooth. Any ideas on a work-around would be appreciated.

It sounds like you might be interested in the offset property of transition regions - and specifically, in the “Inverted” offset mode of a transition region that targets a loop region or destination region.

If a trigger region that targets a destination region of equal length is set to “inverted” offset mode, then when the transition region is triggered, the playback position jumps to a position in the destination region that’s the same distance from the end of the destination region as it was from the start of the transition region.

This means that if you have “normal” and “reversed” versions of a sound file, and place a transition region around one and a destination region around the other, you can use the inverted offset mode to jump from any position in the normal version to the equivalent position in the reversed version.

I will give that a try. Thanks for the help.