Slow down audio playback for testing puprposes


We can slow the game down in Unity for testing - is there a way to also set the overall playback speed of the audio temporarily?



In FMOD Studio you can slow everything down by setting the Pitch on the Master Bus- 12st down would be half speed, 12st up would be double speed. This option would only let you go a max of 4 times faster or slower though. If you wanted more you would need to use the Core API, calling ChannelControl::setPitch on the Master Channel Group.

I presume this only affects sample/event pitch? It doesn’t for example, if you play at half speed, it wouldn’t half the frequency of any EQ, or double the length of delays or reverbs.

We have people who slow the game down for video capture to increase framerate and then of course upload at full speed - so we need to automate our EQ’s (and indeed delays/reverb etc) to compensate for the slowdown… The 20hz low limit on EQ is a problem for us when slowing the game down by 4 or 8 times, if we have a high pass set at 40hz, for example.

You are correct - the pitch macro on buses or events recursively changes the pitch of all child instruments, and as such doesn’t affect any effect properties. Unfortunately, I can’t offer any solution besides automating effect properties and potentially incurring mixing issues due to EQ freqency limits - though using 3EQ may be a little more helpful due to the slightly increased lower frequency bound.

That said, thanks for bringing up your specific use-case - I’ve noted it in our internal feature/improvement tracker.

Yep, thanks. Automation is the only way forwards… for every EQ we are using in the project shudder

Thanks for the tip on the 3band EQ. the 20hz limit on the multiband is indeed an issue.