When do banks get copied to streamingassets?

Hi I’m having some troubles where the streamingassets aren’t filled with banks on the build machine and I’m confused as to when the banks get copied there?

I am not 100% sure but I believe they are created on the streaming assets folder when you build in FMOD Studio (pressing F7 on that software), once you go back to Unity you can see how Unity loads new files.

The banks will only be copied into the streamingassets folder at build time, this is for two reasons:

  • The integration uses the banks in the linked project/folder while in the editor.
  • To remove the need to continuously update the banks in the streamingassets folder when they are only required at build time.

If you want the banks to be stored in the project, for things like source control, it is recommended to have Studio build them to an intermediate directory in your Unity project and then link the FMOD-Unity settings to that directory.