How to properly manage Version Control for FMOD coupled with Addressables

Hello! :rabbit2:
I’m working with FMOD (2.00.10) in Unity 2020.2.1f1 and the Addressables system (1.16.15).
I followed this guide to load my banks with the addressables system, it works perfectly but I have an issue related to version control of this particular setup. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
From this section, I get that FMOD banks shouldn’t be version-controlled so I properly added their respective paths to my .gitignore file.
However, the addresses used by the addressable system to keep track of the banks are stored (as it would be for any other asset) in the banks’ .meta files. This is very impractical as this means that whenever I clone my repo, I either have to:

  • Manually rebind the banks’ addresses after building them: not optimal for non-dev coworkers
  • Version-control only the banks’ meta files, watch Unity automatically delete the meta files when opening the projet for the first time, build the banks and then rollback the changes on the banks’ meta files: not optimal for non-dev coworkers either
  • Version-control the banks’ themselves: not ideal version-control-wise

Is there a better way to go about this? Is there some FMOD setting I can set so the banks’ addresses are automatically set to a specific value upon creation?

Thanks in advance!

At this point there isn’t an option for this but I will add a task to investigate adding something like this.

For now it is probably easiest to include the banks in the version control with the project.