Smaller Point source


Im trying to make my FMod Event play from a small TV speaker (In Unreal) - however, the sound just feels to large, and envelops the whole TV (in engine) - is there a way to make the sound ’ smaller’? or from a more distinct point source - Kind of like using a cone in Unreal to focus sound direction.

Hope this makes sense!


There’s a number of potential ways to make a sound seem ‘smaller.’ Which one is best depends on exactly what you mean by ‘smaller.’

First, you can cause an event’s volume to attenuate more drastically with distance by setting its ‘max distance’ property lower. This property is found on the 3D Panner effect in the master track’s signal chain of most events, though in some cases it may be a property of the event’s ‘Distance’ parameter.

Second, you could give the event a ‘direction’ built-in parameter, and use it to automate the volume such that the sound is slightly louder when the listener is facing it. This can be used to give the impression of something that’s more noticeable when you focus on it, though it may take some tweaking to get right.

Third, you could use the ‘Event Cone Angle’ built-in parameter to give the event different behaviour depending on which side of it the listener is on. This would allow you to create an event that is, for example, louder when the listener is in front of the TV than behind it.

Finally, turning down the ‘Sound Size’ property (also located on the 3D Panner effect) might help make a sound seem smaller, for obvious reasons. It sets an area within which the sound is not subject to directional panning.

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