Snapshot Instrument cannot fade Group if the Event is not part of said Group

Hey all,

For a new project I’m working on I figured I’d try my hand at snapshot control from within the tracks using snapshot instruments. This would be great as I can fade in and out groups based on current audio playing. At first it seemed to work out perfectly but I have stumbled into an issue that I hope you can help me with.

I have added a snapshot instrument in the event “BlazerTrack_85BPM” in which I want to fade in the “EnemyMusic” group and fade out the “BaselayerMusic” group.

I call this event from the event “InteractiveTrackDemo_85BPM”, which itself is not in any of these groups.

The issue is that the snapshot does not seem to fade any of the groups when I play the “InteractiveTrackDemo_85BPM” event, and only fades the “EnemyMusic” group when I play the “BlazerTrack_85BPM” itself, which exists within this “EnemyMusic” group.

So as it seems to me, I can only control groups that the master event itself is part of, but this is a serious problem if I want to fade out a specific group, as I can only seem to do this if the event itself is part of it, which in turn would cancel out all audio I am trying to play through that event.

Am I missing something crucial?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rubenbergshoeff,

What is happening is that the routing isn’t behaving the way you believe it is. Whilst you have the event AtmosphericBass_85BPM in one group bus and BlazerTrack_85BPM in another, they are both routed to output from the InteractiveTrackDemo_85BPM. This is because they are being used as referenced events so each event’s Master Track is actually routed into the track the referenced event resides on. As far as FMOD is concerned - only InteractiveTrackDemo_85BPM is producing output - the snapshot is still affecting the EnemyMusic and BaselayerMusic buses but nothing routed into them is producing output.

It would be best to use a parameter to affect the individual track volume faders of the InteractiveTrackDemo_85BPM event. You can also route tracks into other tracks by right clicking on a track and selecting Output > Track. This way you can route several tracks into a single track and use it like a group bus.


Thanks Richard for clearing that up!
In that case my question is solved.