Grouping audio tracks from different events to apply same effects etc

Is it possible to ‘group’ specific audio tracks from different events so that I can easily apply the same effects and levels etc to them simultaneously?


Can the programmer somehow control, say, a filter cutoff in a group bus? I have a bunch of sounds grouped to one bus with a low pass filter on it. I need to exclude some of the sounds from the filter. The programmer cant figure out how to manipulate the the filter cutoff, and i cannot assign the filter to a parameter. How would i go about this?


@FrancescoRobustelli Sure! Just create a snapshot, and scope in just the filter cutoff property. Snapshots function as events, which means your programmer can create and stop snapshot instances at will, and only affect the specific properties in their scopes, which means that this snapshot won’t mess with other snapshots unless they also affect that particular cuttoff property. You can even expose the snapshot’s intensity as a parameter if your programmer needs really fine-grained control.

Audio tracks in separate events can’t be grouped in this fashion. However, you can achieve a similar effect in several different ways.

Using the mixer:

  • For example, you could add to each audio track in question a send to a return bus, then place the effects on that return bus. Of course, sends duplicate a signal, so you would need to deal with the original signal in some way.
  • You could also route the output of your events into group buses that are subject to the effects you want.
  • If it’s only levels you’re concerned with and not effects, you could add the events to group buses that are controlled by the same VCA.

Without using the mixer:

  • If the audio tracks are identically named, you can multi-select the events in the event editor and make use of FMOD Studio’s bulk editing features to edit all those tracks’ signal chains at the same time.
  • You can copy effects from one audio track’s signal chain and paste them in another.
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