Snapshot Send Level not changing when Audio Volume entered

I have a problem using Audio Volume to trigger a Reverb Overriding Snapshot in Unreal.
I have a Sound Effects Bus, that have a Send to Reverb set Up with -inf dB level.
The Snapshot rises the Send level to 0dB.
All this works like it is supposed when testing in FMOD Studio… I play sound in a loop and then hit play on the snapshot, send level for the reverb is goin to 0dB and reverb works, stopping the snapshot brings the send level -inf and reverb is not audible…
Now in the Unreal I have the Audio Volume, that has the reverb set Up and enabled in it’s reverb section… but when player goes into in reverb is not audible.
Checked with Profiler and reverb level stays at -inf dB.

In addition, if I set the send to Reverb level at 0dB instead of -inf dB it is audible in Unreal…
so it works but not on entering desired audio volume.

I’ve tested the snapshot with a Trigger that uses FMOD Play Event to fire the snapshot and it works that way… but doesn’t using an audio volume.

what can be wrong ??

Snapshots aren’t controlled through volume. Instead you are meant to automate the intensity by a parameter, or expose the intensity as a parameter, and then use setParameterByName() to adjust this intensity.