My snapshot zone triggers automatically at start up

Hi guys,

I recently came across an issue with my overriding snapshot zone.

I’ve set it up so that the play event is on trigger enter and the stop event is on trigger exit. The collision tag is correct and attached to the object - but upon startup of the game, the snapshot zones are triggered automatically when my player isn’t near it (i can hear it and see the signal increase).

After waiting roughly 10 seconds, the automatic triggering of the snapshot stops and the normal functionality returns to the snapshot and is triggered by the collision tag. Which I can see in the live update when I trigger the parameter

I’m using FMOD Studio 2.01.10, any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance

This sounds as if an instance of the snapshot is being triggered by something other than the snapshot zone. Do any of the events in your FMOD Studio project contain snapshot instruments?


I’ve got my snapshots as sends to the group I want it to trigger, they only contain 2 events in group “x” and I’ve done a send on the group for my snapshot effects so when collision occurs volume reaches 0dB.

And I also checked those 2 events and there was no sign of a misplace snapshot instrument.

What do you mean by “snapshots as sends to the group I want it to trigger”? Could you share some screenshots?

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by this. Snapshots produce no audio output and so can only interact with sends by setting them, and a snapshot’s scope cannot include events.

An snapshot instance could be created by any event in the project, regardless of its routing, so you should check the other events in your project, not just those two.

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^ This is the group I’ve sent the effects too

^ This is the reverb snapshot, so that when I reach the box collider the send goes to 0dB

Yeah sure, ive uploaded on imgur but also sent it here too if you see the comment above :slight_smile: , otherwise I’ve uploaded them on Reverb send activated - Album on Imgur

First of all, did you try to trigger the snapshot within fmod, while playing the event at the same time? You can also drag/drop the event and the snapshot in a scene of the sandbox, and toggle the play button of both. Does it do what you expect?

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My apologies im not sure i understand, could you explain the process and i can check this out… Thanks

Ok, so without the snapshot, nothing is sent to the effect return, when the snapshot is playing the group is sending its signal to the effect return. That seems correct.
As Joseph said, did you check if your snapshot is referenced somewhere you wouldn’t expect? Also, with Live Update, you could check if and how your snapshot is triggered by the code (and if it triggers when you don’t want).

By the way, @joseph, I found what may be a bug: the reference search of a snapshot in events returns every events in the project.

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You can play one of your event going into the right group, in the event editor, by pressing “play” ; and have at the same time the mixer window open, in which you press “play” on the snapshot. Does it sounds as you expect?

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So ive played the group audio but there is no “play” button in the snapshot section, just the sends that i can increase to hear the effects and nothing unusual is happening either. but as soon as i start the game the snapshot start flickering on and off almost in sync with eachother

I just made a completely new tag inside Unity to see if that fixed the issue but the snapshot still triggers itself upon launch

You can’t “play a group”. You can only play events, or snapshots. If you click on the snapshot in the list, the play button will appear.

Click both play buttons and check if it sounds as you expect.

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Ah! i didn’t know it was possible to play it this way, but yes everything is working exactly how it should in this section but it still triggers itself on start up, “LiveUpdate” is showing that the snapshot is being trigger, when the player/controller hasn’t moved

If so, that shows the problem is in your Unity code.

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Do you have any suggestions of what it could be in Unity if that is the case?

No because I’m not a Unity user…

Thanks for your help, going through those steps identified the issue might of been Unity. Just found out the issue is Unity and has to do with a rigid body on my hand controller that floats around once the game starts and hits the snapshot zone in its course of direction. It can only be seen when the items are selected in the hierarchy so just added gravity so they fall directly onto the floor and don’t float around as much. Problem solved!

Appreciate your time trying to get to the bottom of this!

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