[Solved] Bug: AHDSR Not Fading Down in Transitions

Hi, I wanted to report what I believe is a bug in the way the AHDSR transitions down from a higher parameter state to a lower one. I’ve created a quick video to demo the issue. You can see the issue exhibited in the video at 1:30s.

Problem: The AHDSR Release does not fade out audio as it should.The Release just cuts the audio off immediately instead of executing the envelope shape.

Expected result: The attack fades in smoothly on the AHDSR when changing parameter states. Release should fade out just like the attack fades in.

Video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/326 … sr_bug.mp4

FMOD Studio 1.2.10 Mac & Windows Versions

Thanks for your help!



Thanks for the reply, that solved it.

Hi, I just tried the 1.03.07 version and it doesn’t seem to have change on ADSR event. It’s still cut (no release audible) when a parameter send the cursor out of the event range on time locked parts.

That’s odd - it works in my tests. Could you send a project that demonstrates the issue to support@fmod.org so we can investigate further?

Apologies for the long delay on this issue. It has now been fixed for the next release.

This was an interesting case, because I had so far been unaware that timeline locked sounds can be triggered and even un-triggered independently of the timeline cursor.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll test out the multi sound modules.



Thanks for the clear and well-detailed report. The behaviour you’ve observed is, indeed, a bug. Fortunately, it only affects timelocked trigger regions, so you may be able to work around the issue by using multi sound modules, depending on the needs of the event.

When the AHDSR modulator was first added to Studio, the only way a trigger region could be untriggered was for the cursor to move outside of it. Timelocked trigger regions have the unique conceit that the part of the waveform that plays is the part that the cursor is over*, and when the cursor is over no part of the trigger region, no audio from that module is played. As a consequence, the only circumstance when a release would have been triggered for a timelocked sound module back then was when there was no audio to attenuate. Obviously, this has now changed, but the current behaviour of the AHDSR modulator is a holdover from back then.

I’ll add this issue to our tracker.

  • Unless certain forms of pitch adjustment are in effect.

Guys, did you fix the Issue as you said? Because I’m on the 1.08 and I am still having the problem that the transitions do not work with the AHDSR in the single events. Just to understand if I am doing something wrong.

Yes, the issue is fixed; Single sound modules on the timeline now release correctly when their parameter conditions are no longer being met.

I recommend you send a copy of you project to support@fmod.com, so that we can more easily understand how you’ve set up the event in question.