Using ADHSR modulation only on transition

Dear all,

I’m working on a music system where I play back loops that have a release tail. Thanks to the async option I can have the tail play during the following playback.
No here’s the catch, I have a couple of transitions to different levels in the music. Now with this system the previous loop plays on until the track is done. I can of course automate the volume to fade out once I’m past the marker but…I don’t think that’s a really sexy solution.

Enter the “ADHSR modulation”! Works a treat on transitions BUT…the way I play back the loops with release tails the container is a little smaller then the loop region and thus the ADHSR kicks in every time the cursor leaves the container.

Now for the question!
Is there a way to have the ADHSR kick in only on transitions?

(or is there a completely different solution for what I want to accomplish?)



There is no way to make an AHDSR modulator on a sound module only function under some circumstances: If the cursor leaves the trigger region, the AHDSR release period begins.

You should be able to achieve the effect you want either through automation (as you have mentioned) or by creating transition timelines with fade-in and fade-out curves on their source regions.

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