Sound bank manager tool

Is there anyway to make the FMod sound bank manager tool arrange the tracks in alphabetic order? At the moment, it seems to display stuff in random order. I have some sound banks that have a hundred tracks and it’s a nightmare trying to find tracks in the random list. Most applications order the items when you click on the column header, but that one doesn’t do it for some reason.

Do you mean the FMOD SoundBank Generator? If so, I’m afraid there’s no easy way to change the order in which it displays imported assets; it displays them in the order in which they were imported.

You could potentially un-import and all your assets and then re-import them in your preferred order, but that would take significantly more time and effort than the kind of single-click automatic reordering you’re asking for. Importing from an .lst file by using the “File > Import from .lst…” menu item would speed things up considerably by esuring that the items were imported in the order specified in the file, but would require you to create an .lst file listing all your assets in the correct order first.

Could you not just add a function to sort the list when you click on the column header?

I can add this suggestion to our feature and improvement tracker, so that it’s considered and potentially scheduled at a future roadmap meeting. I’ll also add the fact that you requested it to the task, increasing the odds of our scheduling it for development soon.

Thank very much :wink: