Sound goes faster or slower

Is there anyway to make the sound goes faster or slower? Im making Footstep SFX and I wanna make the sound run base on character speed


Adjusting the speed of a sound based on gameplay elements can be achieved by manipulating the pitch of the sound.

Could you please try adding a parameter FMOD Studios|7. Parameters|7.1 Uses of Parameters to your event, typically something like “Speed”, which should ideally receive values from your game that correspond to your character’s movement speed. Unity Integration|10. Scripting API Reference | StudioEventEmitter|StudioEventEmitter::SetParameter. Then automate the pitch property of the sound and tweak the automation curve to define how pitch changes with your “Speed” parameter. For example, a lower pitch at lower speeds and a higher pitch at higher speeds.

Alternatively, using Rigidbody you could use our built-in speed parameter: FMOD Studio|22. Parameters Reference|22.3.7 Speed (Relative). This will take care of passing the speed of the rigidbody to the parameter for you.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

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