Sound shift/offset?

I am not a programmer, only working in FMOD, the game i will refer to uses wrong sound emitter position with pan turned on
Is there any way to change sound position (or create offset/shift) without code?

emitter somewhat fixed in one place, no matter what player position
FMOD version 1.10.17
(warning, loud unexpected audio)

It will be helpful to get a profiler session of your game running to see a better picture of what is happening. It is possible that the emitter is already offset from the camera’s position but it’s hard to tell just from the short video.

Sure, how can i create profiler session? (My session folder is empty)

You can record a profiler session by enabling Live Update and pressing record in the profiler window. I’m not sure if your game is set up to have Live Update however, you may need to talk to one of the programmers about enabling it. For more information, please check out our documentation.

If you cannot access Live Update, I would suggest looking into the actual position of the listener. Is this a game you’re working on or an existing game you are modding?