Extreme DC offset in profiler waveform - also volume issue

So I’ve been working with FMOD for the last few months and everything has been going well. I mixed my game to approximately -24 LUFS but then randomly today I noticed my loudness was way higher. I thought may I had accidentally increased the volume without realising, but I have gone through all mix busses etc and it’s nothing to do with that. I then realised that the profiler waveform looks extremely whack (big DC offset).

Here is how the waveform looked originally

And this is how the waveform looks now (volume is significantly louder even though busses seem normal and I can’t figure out ANY change that would make this difference).

One thing I’ve noticed by the way - when I press play, you’re in the main menu. The menu music is the only thing that is the same in volume. Then when you press play it goes into the game, and everything is significantly louder than it should be (and thats where the waveform starts going off)

Really have no idea what’s going on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Well I’ve discovered what’s causing the issue… I’m using pitch shifters on quite a few different busses. When I turn off all the pitch shifters, there’s no more waveform offset, and the extra volume goes away. Each pitch shifter device adds volume and also seems to off-center the waveform. The more pitch shifters on, the more total DC offset.

Why does the pitch shifter increase volume? (this is when there is no pitch shifting ocurring btw - at 1.0 pitch). And why does it stuff the waveform up? Really hoping this is a bug as there is nothing in the manual or anywhere online about the volume increase of waveform offset…


Thanks for reporting this - I’ve been able to reproduce it on my end and can confirm that it definitely seems like unexpected behavior. Unfortunately I don’t have a workaround to offer at present, but I’ve passed this along to the development team for further investigation.

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Thanks Louis, that’s good to hear!

I’ll most likely disable the pitch shifters for now but looking forward to a fix hopefully soon :smiley:

I did not test it, but a classic way to deal with DC offset is to EQ 0Hz.
So, maybe you can fix that temporarily/workaround with a hard and low lowcut EQ after the pitch shifter.
(EQs will show you a DC offset as signal at 0Hz)

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Hi Louis, I’m wondering if the pitch shifter issue was fixed in 2.03? Couldn’t find anything in the release notes but really hoping it was.

Unfortunately, the DC offset issue with the pitch shifter hasn’t been fixed in 2.03.00. However, the workaround suggested by SoundTek_Studio above, involving high passing your pitch-shifted signal at a low frequency, can be used to remove the offset if needed.

No worries I will try that, I guess the other issue is the gain that the pitch shifter causes. It seems to be a pretty random number but I guess I can roughly use a negative gain to offset it. Thanks