Sound will crack

when OnApplicationPause(true) occurred, will call mixerSuspend, and OnApplicationPause(false) will call
but the sound will crack!

occur by xiaomi9 phone. fmod version 20005

Have you tried using the latest version of 2.00?
Does it occur on both pausing and resuming?

I have almost the same issue

Are you able to provide any more information on the issue?

What version of the FMOD Integration are you using?
Does this occur when both pausing and resuming?
Are you getting any errors or warnings in the console?

crash on huawei 8p

ChangeMyExtensionNameToMP4.log (897.8 KB)
sound crack on xiaomi 9 (it’s an .mp4 file)

huawei8p_P2.log (2.9 MB) huawei8p_P1.5.log (1.5 MB) huawei8p_P1.log (2.7 MB)

I could not see anything obvious in the logs, are you able to connect to the device from Studio using Live Update and record a profiler session? This can show us a lot of information about the system and events.

It may not be directly related but in the logs I could see there were some events that did not have their sample data loaded before they were started.