Sounds Missing or Very Quiet after updating to Unreal 4.26

Hi there Fmod lovers,
I have quite an issue with my project. I’ve recently switched from Unreal 4.23 to 4.26 also, changed version of Fmod to 2.01.08.
I have a strange issue when playing a game, a lot of sounds doesn’t seem to render or their level is extremely low (barely audible!) (both in editor as in packaged build). I’ve found that after upgrading the project to newer version a lot of references went missing, but I manually fixed that problem.
Also I’ve found that profiler reads those sounds like if they are playing but no sound from the speakers.
I don’t even know where to start with this. Could somebody give me a hand with that?
I would grately appreciate it.

I’ve temporarly added those silent/problematic sounds to VCA and manually added 10dB but it’s only simple, temporal workaround and it does work to a short extense.
Please help!

Hi, why didn’t you rather choose 2.01.11? 2.01.08 was known for having some issues.
Does your problem occurs only with spatialized sounds or even with 2D sounds?

The problem occurs mostly with spatialized sounds but there is no real pattern to it. I don’t think there were some issues with 2d sounds. I switched to 2.01.08 as it was the freshest release back in a day when we were converting the project to newer Unreal version so I wanted to be up to date with everything :slight_smile: Well, looks like I’ll have to switch to 2.01.11 cause I really have no idea how to deal with that issue. I’ll let you know if that helps.

If so, it could be an issue on how 3D coordinates are passed from UE to FMOD, the sound being lower because it’s farther than it should. Check that with Live Update.
Also check the fmod plugin matches your UE version and your FMOD version.

Having the same issue, updated to 4.26 and Studio 2.01.10.

Certain sounds are near inaudible.

The sounds play at location, so not sure how that can be further away than they should.

It seems that the update has messed with the mix of our entire project. And reset all the notifies in our animations.

Hi Alcibiade, as always your advices are priceless. Switching to Fmod 2.01.11 have fixed the issue, so no more VCA trickery! Thank you my friend!


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