Mix completely different upon UE4.26 update

Upon updating to UE4.26 and updating to Studio 2.01.10, the mix is vastly different between Studio and in-game. Levels of events are now all over the place, certains ones near-inaudible, others louder than they are when auditioned in Studio. This applies even for events with no attenuation curve, which leads me to believe that it’s not an issue with the location of FMOD events.

No other changes have been made apart from the update.

Is there a fix this rather than remixing the entire project?

You certainly shouldn’t need to remix your project after an update, there may be an issue arising between the two versions you came from. What versions of UE and FMOD Studio did you have before updating? Please double check that you have migrated correctly as per the User Guide, and rebuilt banks using the new version.

We were using UE4.25.1 and Studio 2.01.03 before. We’ve updated in the past and never had this issue and the banks are rebuilt frequently.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue by updating between the two versions of FMOD and UE you provided. Banks are backwards compatible, so one thing you could try is rebuilding your banks with 2.01.03.
If that restores your levels to normal, can you please send us both versions (2.01.03 & 2.01.10) of your banks, along with the guids of the events with the most obvious level differences so we can debug this on our end?

The amount of issues with reverting the project would be more hassle. I’m just going to remix it.