Sounds play very quiet in Oculus Spatializer after 1.10.20 Unity update

We recently updated a Unity project from 1.10.08 to 1.10.20 and re-exported the sound banks. This is a project using the Oculus Spatializer. After importing the newly exported sound banks we found that some positional sounds had started to play so quietly they could barely be heard. Nothing else in the project has changed. Are there any known upgrade issues we should be aware of?

The Oculus Spatializer effect is a third-party plug-in made by Oculus. We at Firelight Technologies do not have access to its code, and so cannot make changes to it, nor investigate bugs that it is reported to contain. Therefore, if you are encountering problems while using this plug-in, we can only recommend that you contact Oculus support or ask on the Oculus forums.