Sounds stuttering and missing in build (works in editor)

I’m using Unity with FMOD Studio integration and Resonance Audio plug-in (for FMOD Studio).

In the editor (Windows and Mac) the audio works fine, but in built players (standalone for Windows and Mac) some sound is stuttering and many sounds are outright missing. Some sounds are clearly only there when others are not playing.

This video shows it all:

(Well, it doesn’t show the stuttering well; it didn’t happen much in this particular recording.)

I’m using FMOD Studio 1.10.05 with its builtin Resonance Audio plug-in. (I looked at more recent FMOD Studio versions but the release notes didn’t mention anything about runtime fixes.)

My FMOD Settings in Unity are set to be the same for the build (Desktop) as in the Editor. Only Live Update is disabled in the built; but I tried enabling it and it made no difference.

Why do all these issues happen in the build that don’t in the editor? These issues are seriously blocking us.

Nothing comes to mind immediately that would cause this difference between in editor and a built game.

Would you be able to use the Studio Profiler to record the issue in game, use ‘File>Package Project’ and send us the capture (to Along with any logs you have from the game and/or editor that may be helpful.


Thanks. I’ve sent a mail with captures from both Editor and Player.

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This turned out to be due to the nature of the stealing behavior Furthest and the way the Studio project has been designed.

Stealing occurs whenever the max instances value would be exceeded by an event instance being created.
This happens for all stealing behaviors. Once a sound has been stolen, it cannot ‘come back to life’ unless using virtualization.

Virtualization always steals the quietest event instance and is the only behavior that allows events to ‘come back to life’ after being stolen from.

This project has been created with virtualization in mind, so the suggestion of using stealing furthest doesn’t work correctly because that relies on events being continuously created. Using persistent looping events won’t work if they cannot be brought back to life using virtualization.

We have the fix for Resonance scheduled for this month, which will allow the use of all stealing behaviors, so it should be ready for our next release (the start of September).

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Additionally, the difference between the Editor and the build is because in the built game, the virtual channel count is set to 256 and real channel count to 32 (the default values), whereas in Editor, the virtual channel count is 1024 and real channel count is 256 - values that are hardcoded into the FMOD Studio integration in Unity and can’t be changed to match the build.

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