Source Project path directory separator on Windows different to Mac

Are any of you developing on Windows and Mac? I noticed, that the serialized project path has to have the correct directory separator character.
I was kind of irritated that nobody else posted any problems, but if others got the problem as well, I just want to offer my solution. I changed the Settings and SettingsEditor file a bit, so git won’t have problems with changing paths and the path path will still work on all platforms. If the separator differs from the one that is saved in the settings, a readonly field will appear in the settings showing the path that will be used. You can download my fix here:
This is for version 1.09.04, but I guess this will also work for other versions :slight_smile:

Thanks for spotting this bug!
It does seem odd that it hasn’t been brought up before.
We will put out a fix in a future release.

Hey there,

I did a quick check, and noticed that my solution didn’t work for the bank path as I wanted it to work. I did a quick refactoring, here is the new version:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s great!
Hoping to have it out in a release soon.