Reducing the panning-effect of the spatializer

Hi there!

I’m working on the audio for a 3d shooter created in unity, utilizing FMOD.

We’re struggling with the spatializer plugin, since it feels like the panning resulting from it is very extreme. Meaning, when something is left of you the sound on the right ear is completely gone. We would like to retain some of the volume on the opposite ear to keep it sounding a bit more natural.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the plugin functions of spatializer, but I didn’t find a parameter where you could “limit” the panning to certain degree. Unfortunately I didn’t find any solution on here that worked.

We tried the parameters suggested by brett from this thread here, but it didn’t have any effect for us. I found a workaround by duplicating the Audio channel, lowering the volumes, and reducing the stereo field of one channel to 0. However it doesn’t feel like this is the way you’re supposed to do it.

Am I missing a setting here?

Thanks in advance

The options you’re looking for are the envelopment settings in the spatializer. If you change the envelopment to “User”, adjusting the minimum extent will allow you to change how strongly audio is panned when it is spatialized. The lower the min extent is set, the more the audio is panned, and setting the min extent to 360 degrees will essentially disable panning completely. Have a fiddle with the min extent value and see whether you can find a value that suits your needs.