STOP Delay Issue

Hi everyone, I feel this might be an easy issue to resolve and I’m just missing something.

There is an event called ArmorCharge that when I hit STOP, the playhead doesn’t go directly to the marker, instead it waits a few milliseconds before getting there, causing a sync delay to the animation in Unity. As you can see the marker region gets highlighted but the playhead gets there later.

I’ve shown another event after that, that has the same configuration but doesn’t give me that issue. It stops fine, straight to the Marker.

What is the cause of that? I’m attaching another video in case you wanted to have an insight of the events, even though there isn’t any automation or AHDSR.

Many Thanks

After hours to try to figure it out, I just found out that the issue depends on audio clips longer than 10s.
If there is an audio clip longer than 10 seconds, there will be this delay. Once the audio clip has been imported, even if you delete it, the issue will remain in the event

This issue occurs because your assets are set to streaming, as events that include streaming instruments require additional time to schedule changes.

By default, FMOD Studio sets newly imported assets to stream if they are longer than ten seconds in length. You can change this setting in the “assets” tab of the preferences window, and can change whether exisitng assets stream in the assets browser.

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