Strange sample rate glitch?

hey guys, having a super weird problem in FMOD. I have created a mining sound for a game, but for some reason when I put it in FMOD there is a high pitched ring. This ring is not present in reaper or when I play it on windows after exporting(with VLC player). If I lower the sample rate from 44100 to 32000 or raise the rate to 48000, the ringing goes away. This issue only happens at 44100. I only have this issue with a few specific sounds from the same reaper project. All the other sounds work fine. Any ideas?

What settings do you have for compressing the audio files when in FMOD Studio?

Is it possible to share an audio file with this issue for us to take a closer look at it?

Some recorded source material has a mysterious high pitched tone in it. You can’t normally hear it, but it produces a lot of aliasing if the sound gets resampled in during playback (like in a game). This aliasing manifests as an odd ringing tone.

You may be able to see it in spectral view. If you switch the sound to spectral view in Reaper or if you have access to iZotope RX, you may find a horizontal line high up in the spectrum. Delete / attenuate that and you’ll get a cleaner final output.