STREAMING issue how can we BUFF the size of the preload sample

Hi ,
We have streaming issue in FMOD 2.02.

We are trying to STREAM 6 Layer of music that Transition to another 6 layer STREAMED music

Currently our system only works when we LOAD the music , when we stream , there is issue when the music transition from the 6 layer transition to the other 6 that cause audio delay and doesn’t feel right and it break the beat.

On the Music Event I have activated Preload Sample Data from the music event.

I do no see any SETTING or PARAMETER in FMOD so we can increase the BUFFER size of the Streaming Sample.

How can we Increase the BUFFER SIZE from our streaming assets that’s play music.

We have 6 layer that plays and 6 other layer , that transition , problem occurs when we transition 6 streamed file to 6 other streamed files.

Problem does not REPRO if we LOAD the sample.

Is there a way to achieve this by streaming the assets.

Thanks You

Increasing the size of the buffer is unlikely to help. (If you want to try it anyway, the way to do so is described in the Streaming Settings section of the FMOD API User Manual.) I suspect that the only solution is to reduce the number of simultaneously playing streams.

A stream functions by continually loading the streamed asset into memory one small part at a time while the asset is playing. This means that each stream needs to continually load data from the drive in order to function. Most storage drives can only read a small amount of data per unit of time, so the number of simultaneous streams they can support is extremely limited. Exact figures vary depending on the drive and the encoding format of the asset, but it’s usually a low single-digit number; perhaps one, or three.

Increasing the size of the buffer used by streams will change the amount of memory consumed by each stream, but will not alter the amount of data that your game needs to load from disk per unit of time, and so is unlikely to prevent your streams from starving.