Studio Listener has delay


Hi, i am trying to integrate sounds in different demo games, and i can listen that the studio listener has delay if i compare the sounds that are playing with fmod with the sound that i launch with Audio Listener with Unity Sound Engine. Someone has some explanation and some solution?


(Mathew Block) #2

Can you share some details about which platform you are on and how you testing the delay?


Hi Mathew,

The thing is,

I add an Audiosource and Audio emmiter in the same object, and hit the object to listen the sound.

when i listen the Audio Listener from Uniy at the same time Studio Listener from fmod, both in the Main Camera. there is a 40-60ms of latency between the AudioSourde and the Audio Emiter.

Audio Source sounds first.

I work with fmod 1.08.02 and Unity 5.4.3f1 in a Mac. With a focusrite saffire liquid 56 sound device.

Thanks for your time.

(Cameron Baron) #4

This is only an issue on startup in Unity Editor, because there are modules that require loading.

If you use a trigger/button press/script to play them at the same time, they will, after the in Editor startup. Even in a built project they do play at the same time at startup.


Thanks for your clarification :slight_smile: