Studio Listener has delay

Hi, i am trying to integrate sounds in different demo games, and i can listen that the studio listener has delay if i compare the sounds that are playing with fmod with the sound that i launch with Audio Listener with Unity Sound Engine. Someone has some explanation and some solution?


Can you share some details about which platform you are on and how you testing the delay?

Hi Mathew,

The thing is,

I add an Audiosource and Audio emmiter in the same object, and hit the object to listen the sound.

when i listen the Audio Listener from Uniy at the same time Studio Listener from fmod, both in the Main Camera. there is a 40-60ms of latency between the AudioSourde and the Audio Emiter.

Audio Source sounds first.

I work with fmod 1.08.02 and Unity 5.4.3f1 in a Mac. With a focusrite saffire liquid 56 sound device.

Thanks for your time.

This is only an issue on startup in Unity Editor, because there are modules that require loading.

If you use a trigger/button press/script to play them at the same time, they will, after the in Editor startup. Even in a built project they do play at the same time at startup.

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Thanks for your clarification :slight_smile: