Studio Emitter Unity component breaks live connect

I am having a weird issue with the FMOD Studio Emitter component in Unity. If I add one of thos me to a scene in Unity an live connect to FMOD, I only see this event in the profiler, and turning down this event only affect the event playing from the emitter. If I remove the emitter live connect works as expected and I see all playing events in the profiler.

Any ideas about what couldbe broken here?


What version of FMOD are you using?

Are you turning down the event in Unity or Studio?

How are these other events being played? Could I get a profiler session packaged with the emitter and without it? FMOD Studio | Profiling - Managing Sessions

This is FMOD 2.02.03.

Sorry I meant "turning down the master volume in FMOD only affects the event playing from the emitter

Other events are played from our own scripts, implemented by programmers on our team. I will get an a profiler session for you soon. Where can I send it to?

Could I get a screenshot of the volume that you are turning down?

If you register a product with us then you can upload the profiler session to your Profile. Or you can send the .fspackage to me directly.

Sorry, just found out that this was related to our internal FMOD implementation. Programmers have fixed it now :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know.

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