Studio was unable to connect to "localhost", version mismatch

I’m following along the UE / Fmod tutorials but cannot connect to the live play editor in UE. I understand the assets were made in a previous version of Fmod and UE but my error message reads:

Studio was unable to connect to “localhost” as connection error occurred: version mismatch.

Please check the IP address is correct, the game is running and live update is enabled.

I’m on OS 10.4.6, Fmod 2.00.08 and UE 4.24.3

Which version of FMOD Studio for UE4 are you using, and which version of UE4 is it for? It’s important that it matches both the FMOD Studio version and the UE4 version that you’re using.

Fmod 2.00.08 and UE 4.24.3

I believe the tutorial was written for older versions of both. Does this mean the assets are not backwards compatible? Without installing archaic versions of both is there a way around this?


edit Sorry I misread your question. I am using FMod for UE 4.24. I don’t understand exactly what you mean “which version of UE4 is it for” ?

If you go to our downloads page, and look at the UE4 integration section, you’ll see a dropdown menu of FMOD Studio versions. This dropdown menu selects the FMOD Studio version you need the UE4 integration to be compatible with. Once you have selcted the correct FMOD Studio version from the dropdown, select the correct UE4 version from the list of installers below the dropdown.

Thanks this has corrected it!

However I have a slightly stranger issue now where while connected to UE, nothing is click-able in Fmod (I get the Mac OS error chime).

Additionally none of the hyperlinks on this page seem to work:

That suggests there’s a modal dialog open, and that it’s blocking you from clicking on the rest of FMOD Studio’s interface until it’s closed. If you can’t see the dialog on screen, it may be behind another window or otherwise hidden; try hitting the “Return” and “Esc” keys to close it.

As far as I can tell, all the hyperlinks on that page work just fine.

Or do you mean that there is no content under most of the headings on that page? If so, it’s because that content has not yet been written. We’ll update that page once we’ve finished writing the new content.

Sadly neither “return” not “escape” does anything. I see where you’re coming from re dialog box but there aren’t any.

Yes I just meant there was no content - assumed it was directing to somewhere else.

Interestingly the exact same problem when I try to connect to Unity via Live Update. Same error noise

Thank you for the bug reports. We’ve successfully reproduced this issue, and have added it to our bug tracker.