Unable to connect to game with UE4

On the project I’m working on, Fmod Studio can’t connect to the game running in UE4:
Studio could not connect to “”. Please check that the game is running and live update is enabled.
The game is running well (the sound is playing) and the live update is enabled in project setting. Where else can I look to solve this? Thx :wink:

When you say the game is running, do you mean the UE4 editor is running, you are running Play-In-Editor, or that you have packaged up the game and are running it?

If you have packaged a shipping build, then the FMOD Studio integration disables the live update. It is wrapped in a define:

UE_LOG(LogFMOD, Verbose, TEXT("Enabling live update"));

If you wish to connect in shipping versions of the game and you are building from source, then you can change that line. Or we could expose it in the integration in future.

Yes, I meant I can’t connect to game while running in the UE4 editor.

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