Stuttering and Pops Glitches in Music on PS4 build

Hi there,

We just built the game for PS4. And we are using both AT9 and non AT9 audio.

We are experiencing heavy glitches and popping audio when playing the game. It sounds like the music is slowling down, and popping. It seems to happen at times where new music voices are coming in or going out.

Like, in the game, there are these points you go through a gate and it sends the playhead in Fmod to another region, and it starts playing new audio. We then hear the music slow down, in a sort of weird way, like it’s playing at a different sample rate… popping, glitching, and then resumes back to normal until another transition period.

I am thinking this is due to more voices being used. How can I make sure this type of slow playback/glitching doesn’t occur? It’s really weird.

Update: We think it is simply related to how many voices are being used in the game. The music is very dynamic, with several tracks fading in and out and doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Then we have a very huge world of audio ambiences doing their thing. It looks like we have to optimize our audio to fit onto the PS4. It plays absolutely fine on all of our PCs but I suppose the ole PS4 isn’t powerful enough. PS4 Pro, on the other hand, seems fine if we kill a couple of resource heavy things.

You can use Event Instance Limiting to prevent too many of the same event from playing at once, and in 1.10 we introduced Bus Instance Limiting:
This could help with limiting the overall number of events coming from one bus, eg. ambience.

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