Audio stutters and cuts out

We’re using UE4 4.24 and FMOD 2.1.05. The game runs great and FMOD performance is stellar as it’s totaling around 8% cpu when profiling. The maximum sound limit is 64.

In this example, the music starts repeating and new sounds won’t trigger unless bringing up the menu which somehow fixes the issue.

Here’s another example:
In the video, we are replicating the progress value (float 0…1) from the server to set the current capture progress and we set this parameter on the fmod event too. This is set every frame.
It’s a looping sound that is being interrupted.

There is nothing unusual in the logs as far as I know and never encountered this issue in other fmod projects with a much heavier load.

Thanks in advance,

If you record a profiler capture, what can you see for the sounds that have gone silent?

Do you see levels being recorded?
Have the voices gone virtual?

Hi Mathew,

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reproduce the music bug in editor as it seems to only occur in builds.
The second example I’ve linked you could be due to reaching the max 64 real channel count. And the progression sound could be going virtual because of that. Regarding that issue, what is the maximum recommend real channel count for pc and for mobile(oculus quest)?

You should be able to connect the FMOD Profiler to your built game.

Regarding maximums, it depends on your CPU budget, 64 sounds pretty reasonable though.
I would experiment with higher number if you need them and monitor CPU usage, otherwise do more polyphony limiting to keep the count down.

Hi Mathew,

I connected the profiler to the packaged game and had a multiplayer test session where we caught one of the issues in action.

It seems that CPU Update went through the roof while we were testing. And active voices dropped to 0 causing stuttering. The strange thing is that CPU Mix remained stable at around 5-10%. Does that mean the the game itself has CPU problems? Could you have a look at the profilier session? The stuttering starts around 9:15.