Suggestion: remove automation for only one parameter

When right clicking to remove automation on a particular parameter sheet, I think it should remove automation only concerning this parameter, and not from all parameters.

+1 Like this one. Should give you the choice to remove all or one if there are multiple automations present.

To remove a single automation curve, navigate to that automation curve in the deck, then click the “Remove” button or right-click on the curve and select “Remove Curve” from the context menu.

Or are you asking for a convenience feature in the context menu for a control, so as to make the process of removing a single curve from an automation widget faster and more convenient?

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Thanks Joseph. I wasn’t aware of this method. I was asking for this, though not an important point for me, because I find it confusing, when removing the automation from a parameter sheet by right clicking to have the entire automation removed. This could be error prone for the unaware user.

You’re right that it’s not clear that “Remove Automation” removes all automation from the control. I’ll add a task to our feature/improvement tracker to change it to “remove all automation” or something similar.