Sugestion: automation chart zoom

Recently I have some more usage for silent instruments for setting timing for rhythmic stuff like heartbeat or footsteps loops - generally things that are very short, so I end up like on the screen with almost flat line as this chart is up to 60s, and I operate at values of 10ms here :stuck_out_tongue:

I found editing points on parameter the most useful, yet some more variations for zooming in some part of parameter curve, or having option to have it full screen would be way more precise especially with setting angles for the curves.


If you want to zoom in on a part of an automation curve, you can do so by adding a sheet for the relevant parameter to the event and right-clicking on the automated parameter to ensure the “Show Automation in Editor” command is checked. This ensures that the automation curve is displayed in the editor while viewing the appropriate parameter sheet, allowing you to use the full suite of editor commands for scrolling, zooming, and resizing tracks.

Thanks Joseph for the reply,

I’m aware about that feature, but it allows only to zoom in horizontally and in vertical space it allows only to change the track size where the largest is still minor difference, when scale of sheet goes to 60s, and my automation barely cross 0,5s which is 1/1200 of that scale.
“Show Automation in Editor” command makes no difference to me in that situation as curve is still almost a flat line for which the lowest change ‘by hand’ is 100ms, and as I mentioned - I operate at differences of 10ms.

Being able to change the scale, or to zoom in vertically to have more flexibility and precision in the only tool that currently allows for creating loops with variable length would be a useful thing here in my perspective

Fair enough, I can see how the current behavior could be limiting. I’ll add your suggestion that the automation widget should have more zoom and scroll options to our feature and improvement tracker.

As of the time of writing (February of 2023), I’m afraid these options do not yet exist, so the easiest way to precisely tweak an automation curve is to right-click on an automation point and select “Edit…” from the context menu.

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