Suitable for production?

Hey ho,

Is FMOD Studio considered to be ready for use in a production environment? We have an existing system built on FMOD-Ex, but we’re not leveraging the Designer side of things. We’re looking to change that now, and it looks like Studio offers more in the way of a tool-set, but I’m put off by the lack of documentation and relative immaturity.


Along the same lines of our situation would be great to hear from someone targeting production with this :smiley:

I guess we’re not going to switch - too little information.

Yes, Studio is ready!

While we will be continually improving documentation over the coming releases, if you’re in the process of trying to integrate the Studio API with your project, check out the code examples included with the API to get an idea of how it is used. If you’re learning to use the tool, the manual that is included as well as the tutorial videos at should be enough to get you started. Remember, you can always ask for help here or via if you run into issues.