Surfaces: Parameter vs ProgrammerSelected

I was looking at the Footsteps event in the Examples Studio session, and was wondering,

is this the only option to have surface variation of an event or will there be eventually in Studio a ProgrammerSelected play mode option equivalent for the modules?


Currently, the only methods of determining the which entry in a multi sound module’s playlist plays are the sequential and random selection modes, which can be toggled between by clicking on the button with a die icon that should appear on the module when it is displayed in the deck.

That said, you can use programmer sound modules to specify that particular sounds should play at the point when the module is triggered, or work around the issue by using event sound modules and event reference sound modules with internal parameters that determine which modules within the nested or referenced event should play at any given time.

That’s just for now, though. We do have plans to add additional features close to what you’re looking for. For example, something that’s been on our to-do list for a while is the ability for you to specify logic conditions for individual playlist entries, which would allow you to control playlists with a greater degree of finesse than Designer’s ProgrammerSelected playmode, and with much of the logic built in Studio rather than in your game’s code.

Sounds Great! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have a time estimate on such feature or other upcoming features, a release calendar or something?

Thanks for the info

The playlist entry conditional logic feature hasn’t been scheduled for development yet. We will add it eventually; It’s just that we haven’t set a date. Our current development schedule takes us well into 2014, so you definitely won’t see it before then… and since we have so many other features that need to be added, it may well be much later than that.

We don’t currently make our release calendar available to the public.