Switching music between different scenes using parameters

Hi there!
I had difficulties with fmod
I have several levels (several scenes) and one event in fmod with music for the whole game, with parameters and transitions between different audio files
how to make smooth transitions between scenes with one event?

I would suggest using transition regions, destination markers, and transition timelines. Check out the Level 03 in the Examples project included in your FMOD Studio install. Be sure to have a look at the documentation too.


Yes. I’ve done the same thing. The problem is how to make it work in to unity3d? when main menu starts there is one music play, then when I push the button it supposed to make a transition to another music in fmod while my scene is changing in another scene. And so on…

It’s hard to say exactly without seeing the Unity project, but try to check for the following:

  • The FMOD music event instance must be persistent between scenes
  • You need to adjust the parameter value when needed (in this case when you press the button)
  • Confirm what is happening by recording a Live Update session and ensuring the event instance is receiving the setting parameter value call