Change the music between scenes

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a game where you are trapped in a house and each room represents a different world with each own music. I have created an FMOD project base on horizontal branching. By using transition regions triggered by a labeled parameter, the music changes from one piece to another, and everything is done within the same event. In FMOD the system works fine. The problem appears when testing it in Unity.

Each time I load a scene, the music starts at the initial value that I set, but what I want is to play the actual theme of the room I’m in, not the first one (which is my initial value). We put a DontDestroyOnLoad in each scene, but the problem is still there.

Maybe the solution is to create a different event for each scene, but that would cost me the smooth transitions between each piece of music. Any ideas of what could I do? Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you could use the FMOD Studio Parameter Trigger component to modify the parameter for testing.