Synchronize playing looping Single Instrument to an async version of itself

Can I make an async single instrument start playing at the spot where a sync version of itself is/was currently playing?

I want to synchronize 2 single instruments playing the same loop (same music file) in different parts of the timeline.
The first one is a regular looped synced instrument and the second one is async. This way when I transition from the first to anywhere in the async’s region, the music will still be synced.


The only way I can think of doing this is to automate the offset property of the async instrument by the position on the synchronous instrument. Set the beginning of the synchronous instrument to be 0% offset and the end of the synchronous instrument to be 100% offset.

Now when the conditions are met to transition to the async instrument it will start where the synchronous instrument left off. However, it is important to note that this is not sample accurate so you will hear some hiccups when transitioning.

The alternative to this is to make both instruments synchronous and use lots of destination/transition markers (usually on every beat) but this requires a lot more work to set up.

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