The Profiler & Local parameter Lifespan data reporting

Hello folks,
I’m troubleshooting a local parameter that’s used across several events, and looking to understand what the Profiler is showing me. I’ve scoured the documentation but haven’t managed to find an explanation.

The problem: I made one event initially that uses a local parameter (labelled: ON/OFF). The programmer set up the state calls and I could hear (and see in the profiler) that it received the expected state. I then went on to add the parameter to other events, however the profiler reports that those events are receiving an OFF state when it should be ON.

I’m not a programmer so can’t tell you how the state was called in Unity but my question is, what is the Profiler showing regarding Lifespan Parameters: is it showing the parameter state as FMOD received it from Unity, or, the state that FMOD chose while playing? Asked another way, is it showing me an error from the game data or an error in the project.

Sorry if I’m not explaining this well :slight_smile:
(Unity & FMOD 2.02.10)


If I am understanding correctly, you want a parameter that is consistent across all events? This can be achieved using a Global Parameter which shares its value across all parameters that reference it. Or are you expecting the parameter to start in the OFF state? This can be achieved using the Initial Value:

Correct, the profiler is presenting the information it is receiving from Unity.

Let me know if I am miss understanding.

@Connor_FMOD Thanks kindly for your reply and apologies for the lag!

We are using a Local param on this event because it’s used only for the player’s steed. It could just be a Global, Player specific parameter I suppose but we thought the Local would work per instance of a steed. Is that incorrect? :nerd_face:

The initial value has also been used and works fine, but thanks again. Appreciated.

Thanks for the last bit of your reply. That’s the stuff :). The question was really about understanding where the data was coming from, for troubleshooting. Basically, there was only one type of gameplay/area where the state was being set incorrectly. I was wondering if the game (Unity) was sending the wrong state from the game, or if I’d somehow mysteriously mangled the event such that FMOD ‘thought’ it had received the ‘wrong’ state.


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Hi, happy to help.

Could you elaborate on this question?