The Tag Browser replaced by Banks Browser in FMOD Studio?

(Simon Bosley) #1

Hi There,

I’m going through the FMOD Studio User Manual and it keeps referring to the Tag Browser in the Browser window. I only have tabs for Events and Banks though. Has the concept of tags been replaced by banks, or are the two concepts/terms not interchangeable?

Manual needs updating I guess!



(Joseph Harvey) #2

The manual’s information on this topic is correct and up to date: The tags browser appears in the Event Browser Window. You may be looking at the browser in the Event Editor window, which is a different window. To open the Event Browser window, select ‘Event Browser’ from the ‘Window’ menu.

For more information about the Event Browser window, see pages 28 and 41-42 of the FMOD Studio manual.

(Simon Bosley) #3

Ah yes it’s confusing at first as it’s talking about tags before banks and the default view has banks! Thanks.