The Tag Browser replaced by Banks Browser in FMOD Studio?

Hi There,

I’m going through the FMOD Studio User Manual and it keeps referring to the Tag Browser in the Browser window. I only have tabs for Events and Banks though. Has the concept of tags been replaced by banks, or are the two concepts/terms not interchangeable?

Manual needs updating I guess!



The manual’s information on this topic is correct and up to date: The tags browser appears in the Event Browser Window. You may be looking at the browser in the Event Editor window, which is a different window. To open the Event Browser window, select ‘Event Browser’ from the ‘Window’ menu.

For more information about the Event Browser window, see pages 28 and 41-42 of the FMOD Studio manual.


Ah yes it’s confusing at first as it’s talking about tags before banks and the default view has banks! Thanks.