The type or namespace name 'AutomatableSlots' could not be found after upgrading FMOD Unity Package

I wanted to upgrade Unity package and got this compile time error

The type or namespace name ‘AutomatableSlots’ could not be found

So I go and see that the file AutomatableSlots is not added to any FMOD assemblies and added to the default assembly for the project… and that makes the other parts of FMOD don’t see this module…

I could try and fiddle with assemblies but this is a big project.

It’s a fluke that it wasn’t added?


NOTE: I followed the Update guide, deleted the DLLs needed and I didn’t have any write problem

Unity 2020.3.27 FMOD Unity try to upgrade to 2.01.11

The Upgrading from 1.10 section in the docs has some additional updating steps which may be relevant if you are coming from a version lower than 2.00. Otherwise, can you please tell me what version of FMOD you had in this project previously?