THX spatial audio compatibility

(sorry for my english)
Project info: Fmod 2.02.11 + UE 5.1.0

Hi, recently i was asking if there is a way to make my game compatible with THX spatial audio. According to THX, it is compatible with every game and headphones, but “more” compatible with dedicated gear and games who have this integration. unfortunately it seems to be ready just for Unity, Unreal and Wwise. So, do you know any way to implement THX in my game?

Unfortunately, we don’t officially support THX Spatial Audio. That said, thanks for bringing it up - I’ve flagged a task internally to look into it.

Hi Louis, Thanks for reply.
What could happen if I implement THX in unreal while Fmod is running in the project? Maybe it override the Fmod spatialization?
I hope it will be supported asap.

As we don’t currently have access to the THX Spatial Audio implementation, I can’t give a definitive answer. I would guess that FMOD and THX would run concurrently, barring any platform-specific conflicts between FMOD and Unreal Audio Device with regards to hardware resource usage.

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Ok, i’ll consider to test it. Thank you Louis