Time stretch and high quality pitch shift compensation with external DSP

I’m using FMOD’s included pitch shift right now to compensate while time stretching but I find that it doesn’t work so well on pitched instruments like guitar, synths and mostly bass. Does anyone have experience with 3d part solutions like Zynaptiq ? Target platform is iOS and Android for a mostly music focused game.

(N.B.: I read TImestretch in realtime with FMOD_DSP_TYPE_PITCHSHIFT but it’s also the overall quality I’d like to improve aiming for a Novation Launchpad iOS app time stretch quality)



Currently the pitch shift DSP is the only pitch shift DSP available for FMOD Studio. You can load third party VSTs by using FMOD_DSP_TYPE_VSTPLUGIN when creating DSPs, however these are not guaranteed to be portable nor optimized to be used with your game.

The only other option available is to created a proprietary FMOD DSP using the FMOD DSP API and to implement that into your project.